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Effortless Control

No more navigating through multiples apps or having to configure a hub. Linxura puts the power in your hands, right where it belongs.

Smart Home Empowerment

Embrace smart home empowerment with Linxura, the all-in-one controller that effortlessly connects to your devices, granting you complete control.

Intuitive Controls

Linxura’s smart home controller offers effortless control with a click wheel and customizable functions.

Experience unified control with Linxura, effortlessly connecting and managing your devices for streamlined smart living.

Elevate your smart living with Linxura’s simplified setup, no extra hubs or touch screens needed.

Elevate Your Smart Home Experience

Simplify with Smart Scenes

Simplify your smart home with custom one-button presses to control multiple devices at once, or fully automate scenes to occur on your preferred schedule. Whether it’s setting the perfect morning ambiance or streamlining your daily routines, Linxura Scenes make smart living effortless and personalized.

Embrace the Magic of Linxura

Enhance Your Smart Home: Simplify tasks, save time, and enjoy ultimate convenience. Embrace the future of smart living.

Linxura Voice Phone
Ease of Use High Med Med
Reliability High Med High
Quiet so you don’t bother or wake family or guests
Works well in loud situations
Does not require multiple apps
Shared control / Ease of use for guests
Reduced Screen Time
No disruption of media when adjusting settings
Does not have notifications/distractions
Portable with up to 3 months power on a single charge
From $99.99

Linxura Smart Controller

Empowering Your Smart Home Journey


Long-Lasting Performance

Linxura works up to 3 months on a single charge, ensuring long-lasting performance.

E-paper Display Efficiency

With an e-paper display, Linxura optimizes battery usage, saving energy for your convenience.

Intelligent Backlit Design

Linxura’s intelligent design activates backlighting when your hand is close in the dark, enhancing nighttime usability.

Locate Your Controller

Use Linxura’s “Find My Controller” feature to assist in finding your device. Activate a beep on the controller through the app to help you locate it.

Smart Home Harmony

Achieve harmony in your smart home with Linxura, the all-in-one controller that seamlessly unites your devices for a truly connected living experience.

Versatile Control Center

Linxura serves as your versatile control center, bringing convenience to every aspect of your smart home management, no matter the complexity.

Intuitive Interaction

Interact effortlessly with Linxura's user-friendly design, where every button press grants you the power to transform your living space at will.

Control up to 52 Devices

Linxura Smart Home Control – Effortlessly manage your lights, music, and appliances with a single tap. Designed to be user-friendly for every member of the family, including the little ones. Alternatively, for those seeking advanced customization, Linxura offers endless configuration options. Easily identify the function of each button with the help of convenient icon stickers. Linxura will have more integrations that will be supported in the future.

Enhanced control with our Linxura Smart Controller Wall Mount

Where convenience meets style.

Installation is a breeze, thanks to the dual-option mounting system. Use the ultra-strong 3M tape for a mess-free, drill-free installation, perfect for those who prefer not to make permanent changes to their walls. Alternatively, for a more secure and permanent solution, you can use the included screws to firmly affix the mount to any wall.

Wall Mount

The optional Linxura Smart Controller Wall Mount uses a powerful magnet to securely attract and hold the controller. This allows you to effortlessly attach and detach the controller whenever you need, offering the best of both worlds – a fixed wall controller when you want it, and a portable controller when you need it.

As Seen on WGN-TV:

The Linxura Smart Controller was reviewed by rAVe Pubs at the CEDIA Expo 2023

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