Custom Hospitality & Property Management Control Solutions

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Smart Luxury at Your Fingertips

Luxury smart remote for hotels. Guests control room features from bed, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency. Embrace cutting-edge hospitality.

Smart Luxury Stay

Elevate your guest experience with Linxura’s smart remote solution, providing effortless room control for ultimate luxury accommodations.

Effortless Room Control

Linxura’s smart remote simplifies guest experiences, allowing easy control of individual and grouped room features with a single press.

Memorable Tech Hospitality

Linxura’s cutting-edge technology enhances hospitality, creating memorable stays with streamlined comforts and modern conveniences.

Customized Smart Solutions

Contact us at to discuss cost-effective, custom solutions for your hotel, blending tech convenience with guest satisfaction.

A woman using Linxura Smart Controller with a smart speaker

Smart Luxury Stay

Your guests choose to stay at your hotel because they know they will enjoy the finest in luxury accommodations.

With the Linxura fully integrated smart remote solution, guests can enjoy total control of their room without having to get out of bed!

A woman using Linxura Smart Controller and Linxura Wall Mount

Seamless PMS Integration

Elevate guest experience with Linxura’s smart remote. Imagine one user-friendly device controlling room features effortlessly. Custom configurations save energy and streamline services. After a productive or relaxing day, luxurious amenities combined with Linxura make bedtime an event itself.

Seamless PMS Integration: Integrate with Oracle Opera and bodhi for enhanced guest experiences and streamlined administration. Stay ahead in hospitality with Linxura’s cutting-edge technology.