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Device FAQs

How many smart home devices can Linxura support?

How can I operate the Linxura?

Where can I get the Linxura app?

How do I know the battery level of my Linxura controller?

How do I register Linxura account?

What type of Wi-Fi do I need?

How can I find Linxura if it is missing?

How do I change the Wi-Fi connection?

How do I reset Linxura?

How do I update Linxura's firmware?

How to share your Linxura configuration with other Linxura device?

Why does the backlight turn on?

How can I find the smart home devices I added to Linxura?


Why does Linxura consume power quickly?

What should I do if there is a failure when I add Linxura?

Why are there delays sometimes?

Why has my Linxura automatically shut down?